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We show you Berlin's Art & Architecture off the beaten track

We believe Berlin's creative energy can best be explored in its niches. Be it unconventional art spaces or inventive architecture, it’s our passion to explore the uncommon perspectives of our city and we want to share it.

NICHE Berlin offers private personalized art and architecture tours that will get you there. In an authentic Berlin experience, we will show you the city's hard-to-find, innovative architecture gems and experimental, emerging art spaces.

Want to comprehend Berlin's latest artistic tendencies, discover its newest hot spots or meet the people behind the scenes? Look no further.

in Berlin

Berlin has much more to offer than the well-advertised museums and reputable galleries. Artists initiatives, non-commercial art spaces and unusual galleries with inventive approaches make Berlin such a special art metropolis.

NICHE Berlin offers private guided tours to these unconventional locations. It showcases art that has yet to be discovered and elucidates its context.

in Berlin

Berlin's architectural landscape is made up of much more than historical buildings and profit driven construction projects. The creative re-usage of existing structures and vacant spaces leads to an astonishing and intelligent mix of architecture that makes the city so distinctive.

NICHE Berlin puts together individual viewings to the most fascinating architectural projects and explores their histories and contexts.

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Our Services

& Corporate Tours

We offer individual arrangements for corporate clients or student groups. We offer a complete service package including:

  • Individually planned tours ranging from half-day to several days for groups of up to 150 people
  • organization of transport
  • selection and booking of restaurants & further recommendations for your stay in Berlin
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Private Tours

Get personal insights into what currently happens in Berlin's niches. Tell us what you are especially interested in and we will develop a customized tour – just for you and your friends. You will meet some of the protagonists of the art & architecture scene.

We can guide you in English, deutsch, français, italiano or español.

Duration 2 – 2:30h
Capacity 1 – 6 pax
200€ per Tour
Gift voucher available
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& Consulting

We offer our unique expertise to institutions, companies, publishing houses but also collectors seeking insights in Berlin's contemporary art scene or architectural landscape. You can book us as speakers or advisers for conferences and conventions, publications, construction projects, exhibitions projects or art acquisitions.

Some of our expertise projects:

  • Zeit Online

    Berlin Culture Blog "Filter"

  • Allied Museum Berlin

    Talk "Field Station Berlin, Teufelsberg – Documentation of a potential architectural monument"

  • Node Curatorial Center

    Talk: "Introduction to Berlin’s art scene"

  • Nokia

    Virtual Tour "GDR Architecture"

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The NICHE founders The NICHE founders

About us

Since May 2009 NICHE Art and Architecture Tours has been opening up new Berlin perspectives for art and architecture lovers from all over the world NICHE Berlin is the brainchild of Katharina Beckmann (heritage conservation & architecture), Stefanie Gerke & Nele Heinevetter (both art history).

If you would like to work with us as a guide, please check our Facebook page for openings or just send us your CV.

Today Niche Berlin employs a multidisciplinary team of art historians, architects, heritage conservators and artists:

  • Simone Bogner
  • Hannah Hallermann
  • Christina Landbrecht
  • Gregor Quack
  • Franziska Solte
  • Sandra Teitge

& Press

„Madame-Redakteur Rüdiger von Naso und die Fotografin Silke Weinsheimer folgten Niche an Orte, an denen jungen Künstlern eine erste Chance gegeben wird, und zu einer Architektur, die man erst einmal entdecken muss. Und waren hingerissen von Charme, Intelligenz und (Insider-)Wissen der drei, die perfekt moderierten, auf jede Frage eine Antwort wussten und anregende Begegnungen ermöglichten. Spielerisch und mit Humor“
Madame (Juli 2010) "Lieber ein bißchen intimer"

niche art and architecture tours featured in madame magazine

„If you want to explore galleries like Cruise&Callas, Streetart in Kreuzberg, the Haubrok Collection on Strausberger Platz or the Arno Brandelhuber house, Niche's tours are tailored to fit your knowledge, schedule and special requests “
BMW Magazin (April 2012)

niche art and architecture tours featured in BMW magazine

„If you want to find your way around Berlin's ever growing landscape of off-spaces, alternative locations and architectural pecularities, Niche Art & Architecture Tours is for you.“
Sleek (Winter 2010/2011) "Berlin People"

niche art and architecture tours featured in sleek magazine

„Die Drei-Frauen-Firma Niche bietet Rundgänge durch Berliner Galerien an. Sogar auf Italienisch“
ZEITMagazin (Januar 2010) "Heiter bis Glücklich“

niche art and architecture tours featured in zeit magazine

„Stefanie Gerke, Nele Heinevetter and Katharina Beckmann had a winning idea when they started their art and architecture tours of Berlin.“
Lufthansa Magazin (Oktober 2010)

niche art and architecture tours featured in lufthansa magazine

„Die Berliner Kunstszene jenseits des Mainstreams steckt voller ungeborgener Schätze. Sie zu entdecken und die Begeisterung dafür zu teilen, darum geht es bei Niche.“
Zitty (Dezember 2009) "Pulsmesser"

niche art and architecture tours featured in zitty magazine

„Les trois jeunes Berlinoises de Niche proposent un tour à la découverte des endroits où sont exposés de jeunes artistes - encore - méconnus.“
Le Figaro Magazin (Mai 2011) "Berlin, arts majeurs"

„We just wanted to thank you for taking us on the tour yesterday, we both really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the DDR styles and architectural details thanks to your research and information.“
K. Sanderson

Partners &

Friends, companies & places who support us and make NICHE possible.
  • artberlincontemporary
  • Soho House Berlin
  • Berlinische Gallerie
  • Berlin Independents Guide

niche Blog

If you have pictures of a NICHE Tour we would love to post them! Please send them to contact@nicheberlin.de

    Our recommendations for abc art berlin contemporary 2014: Yorgos Sapountzis

    Our recommendations for abc art berlin contemporary 2014: Yorgos Sapountzis

    Just like last year, we are doing the official tours on the grounds of the 2014 edition of abc art berlin contemporary. And just like last year, we are giving you sneak previews of what you might be able to discover on those tours. (As always, we focus on artworks that might gain a lot with some extra explanations…) And so, we recommend: Yorgos Sapountzis’ contemporary antiqueness Sapountzis’ installation for Galerie Barbara Gross will invite you to sit at a large round dinner table. Instead of fancy food servings, he will have dished up the remains of a performance he did last year in Bristol: Between shreds of fabric and sheets of aluminum, plaster casts of sculptures in Bristol’s public space will pair up with sealed jars of pickled vegetables. Oh yeah? We have seen Yorgos Sapountzis’ work a couple of times already: at Based in Berlin, at Bortolozzi Gallery, during an art walk through a University… and still we cannot pretend that we completely grasp what he is doing. But that makes us even more excited to experience his work again. At best, one could perhaps call it a contemporary take on antique sculptures and drama. In his performances, the greek artist (*1976, Athens, lives and works in Athens and Berlin) uses handy materials to veil and unveil sculptures in public spaces, take quick plaster casts of them and stage ritualized processions that always involve the spectators. It’s a  funky melange of high and low art. Bon appetit! Picture: Yorgos Sapountzis, The Protagonists, 2013, installation view, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2013, courtesy the artist and Barbara Gross Galerie 



    Curatorial initiative Import Projects is definitely a big favorite of ours. It is run by Nadim Samman, currently curator at Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary and Anja Henckel – who, by the way, is also part of the Niche team. We admire their surprising curatorial choices and their accessible approach to art which deals with our networked era. Fortunately the Art Week jury shared our sympathy and made them one of this year’s official partners. For logistic reasons we could not include them in our public Art Week Tours, on Saturday in Kreuzberg and on Sunday in Mitte. But we asked them to give you good reasons not to miss their current show Marguerite Humeau HORIZONS. Why are you showing Marguerite Humeau at Import Projects during Berlin Art Week? Marguerite Humeau is a forward thinking artist whose work combines technical innovation with a rigorous conceptual approach. What marks her out from many of her peers is the way she balances intellectual and scientific subject matter with a sense of the fantastic. She was trained as a designer but, rather than creating objects or products to satisfy a brief, her works have a speculative character that is surprising and unlikely. Her art borrows from the tropes of science fiction in order to create new realities. We first came across her work at her MA show at the Royal College of Art (London) in 2011 - where one of her pieces was acquired immediately by the MoMA (NYC). Since then Marguerite’s work has appeared at the Hayward Gallery, the Palais du Tokyo, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Despite this incredible trajectory, she has only ever had one previous solo exhibition (in Switzerland). As yet, she is also without gallery representation. This is, quite simply, an unusual set of credentials for a young artist. Taking this into account, and appreciating her work as we do, offering her a solo exhibition seemed like an urgent thing to do. Berlin won’t be disappointed! What’s important about this show? Marguerite is a young artist with a small body of work, but the projects that she has realised are extremely resolved. She has a very confident approach while developing series that straddle academic and scientific disciplines. Most importantly, her projects are interesting! We’re extremely proud to present works from her Opera for Prehistoric Creatures, in which she worked with archaeologists, biologists and scholars of language to produce sound-making sculptures that physically resuscitate the roars of extinct beasts. This undead chorus is accompanied by works from her series The Things?, a set of ‘design blockbusters’ for the extremophile organisms that live in the boiling waters surrounding Antarctica’s underwater volcanoes. The works from this series are outlandish (but functional) mechanisms for making communicative contact with such alien lifeforms. Angelic Organ, another work on show, reimagines an arcane musical technology for communicating with poltergeists. With this show Import Projects is presenting all of Humeau’s existing major works. This is Germany’s first introduction to Marguerite, but we will certainly be hearing a lot more from her. Import Projects Keithstrasse 10 10787 Berlin Thu-Sat 1-5 pm (until Oct. 11) There will be an Artist Talk with Marguerite Humeau on Sept. 18, 7pm.


    Berlin Masters Tour

    Niche Berlin präsentiert: eine Künstlertour im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Berlin Masters 2014”. Niche Berlin begleitet Felix Kiessling und Fabian Knecht, die den Tourteilnehmern Einblick in ihre räumlich-konzeptuellen Arbeiten und vor allem in ihren Arbeitskontext geben. Jung und erfolgreich – beide Künstler haben in diesem Jahr nicht nur ihr Meisterschüler-Studium in Olafur Eliassons “Institut für Raumexperimente" an der UdK abgeschlossen, sondern sind derzeit auch bei "Berlin Masters 2014” in der Galerie Arndt zu sehen. Die Ausstellung bildet den Ausgangspunkt. Sie findet in diesem Jahr zum zweiten Mal statt und beruht auf einer simplen, aber genialen Idee: Die Kuratorinnen Lydia Korndörfer und Lisa Polten präsentieren ihre zehn persönlichen Favoriten der diesjährigen Abschlusspräsentationen der Kunsthochschulen UdK und Weißensee.  Zu sehen gibt es bei Berlin Masters (unter anderem) schwindelerregende Installationen und Soundarbeiten von Paul Darius und Felix Kiessling, Spurenobjekte von Jeewi Lee und Johannes Regin, besondere Fenster-Arbeiten von Ossian Fraser und Fabian Knecht und bunte, eigenwillige Bildhauerei von Verena Schmidt. Und ein Überraschungswerk in der Abstellkammer – ebenfalls von Fabian Knecht. Installationsansicht: Berlin Masters 2014, mit Arbeiten von Verena Schmidt und Marc von der Hocht (im Hintergrund) Bei der Tour am kommenden Samstag (13.09.) führen Kiessling und Knecht die Teilnehmer zunächst durch die Ausstellung, um sie dann mit in ihr Atelier zu nehmen. Bei der Führung stehen neben der Erkundung ihrer konkreten künstlerischen Arbeiten auch ganz lebensnahe, persönliche Fragen im Vordergrund, etwa: wie wohnt, wie arbeitet, wie lebt man als junger Künstler in Berlin? Zumal, wenn man sich gegen Ende des Studiums neu orientieren muss? In welchen Gruppen formiert man sich, wie grenzt man die eigene Praxis aber auch von Gruppenarbeiten ab?  Wir freuen uns auf die spannende Entdeckungstour! Begleitet wird sie von der Kunstwissenschaftlerin und Kuratorin Franziska Solte. Wann: Samstag, 13. September 2014, 12 Uhr Dauer: ca. 2 Stunden Kosten: 20 Euro pro Person Anmeldung unter contact@nicheberlin.de Stichwort: Künstlertour

    First-ever Project Space Festival

    First-ever Project Space Festival

    Yesterday’s press conference made us even more excited about the first-ever Project Space Festival in Berlin. For the whole month of August, every night there will be openings, performances, tastings, competitions, field trips, talks, screenings and what-not in selected project spaces throughout the city. In the words of the organizers – the three ladies of in situ project space – the selection is not supposed to reflect the crème de la crème of Berlin’s alternative art scene, but rather its variety. All kinds of spaces participate: some with unique concepts, some with unique spatial situations, a specific focus or nomadic approaches. The festival is supported, as so often, by the participants’ enthusiasm – but also some collaborators such as Visit Berlin or Eye out, the mobile art guide, which will provide a special section on the festival.  Unless you have superpowers or nothing else to do, you probably won’t make it to all the events. No worries, Niche is here to give you some directions. You could start right away with Import Projects on Friday the 1st of August: They will be screening a film by Ursula Mayer, which looks really good, followed by an artist talk with curator Nadim Samman. LEAP has a fantastic plan: Under the title LTMSFU (Let me search that for you) they will be hosting the first-ever search-engine-championship on August 7th. With bbq and music. (The notoriously hilarious Yahoo answers will be part of the show). The day after, Kleine Humboldt Galerie will lead the way through an otherwise not so arty building, Humboldt University’s institute for agriculture. Totally worth a visit – they did something similar for Art Week last year and got lots of props for it. On top of promising art shows, you will be able to taste delicious things at tete, ZK/U, Kinderhook&Caracas, Espace Surplus, Sonntag (great concept), Apartment Project, and NuN, but personally, we are especially looking forward to the field trip to site specific installations in Grunewald, organized by Center on August 26th. Wow. So much to see, so much to do. If you have no time for any of this, maybe the closing party on the 31st of August will do for you: there will be professional pictures of all the events for those who missed out. Make sure it’s not you. 

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