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We show you Berlin's Art & Architecture off the beaten track

We believe Berlin's creative energy can best be explored in its niches. Be it unconventional art spaces or inventive architecture, it’s our passion to explore the uncommon perspectives of our city and we want to share it.

NICHE Berlin offers private personalized art and architecture tours that will get you there. In an authentic Berlin experience, we will show you the city's hard-to-find, innovative architecture gems and experimental, emerging art spaces.

Want to comprehend Berlin's latest artistic tendencies, discover its newest hot spots or meet the people behind the scenes? Look no further.

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The NICHE founders The NICHE founders


The interdisciplinary cultural agency niche offers new perspectives – through art exhibitions, architecture research projects and most notably, custom-made art and architecture tours.

Since 2009 niche tours has been guiding art and architecture lovers from all over the world through Berlin. The niche Art Tours explore non-commercial art spaces and up and coming galleries with inventive approaches, including studio visits and discussions with curators. The niche Architecture Tours focus on overlooked architectural highlights and interesting aspects of urban development, incorporating exclusive site visits and meetings with architects. Art and architecture can be combined.

With its Projects, niche connects protagonists of Berlin’s art scene and spatial practice through workshops, exhibitions, talks and more. The aim is to achieve more visibility for the respective topics and to raise sensitivity for them in the public sphere.

niche is the brainchild of art historians Stefanie Gerke and Nele Heinevetter as well as architect and architectural historian Katharina Beckmann. They work with a multidisciplinary team of art historians, architects, heritage conservators and artists.

a Tour

Our Services


niche Private Tours address private clients. Rather than showing famous galleries and iconic buildings, niche introduces you to (re-)discoveries, key protagonists and the backdrops to Berlin’s vibrant art & architecture scene. Tell us what you are particularly interested in and we will develop a customized tour just for you and your friends.

We can guide you in English, deutsch, français, italiano or español.

Duration min 2h
Capacity 1 – 6 pax
Starting from
340€ per Tour (incl. VAT)
Gift voucher available
Book a private tour


We offer bespoke arrangements for institutions and their patrons, architectural offices, corporate clients and universities, which include studio and site visits, meetings with curators and discussions with architects – and transportation, if requested.
A complete service package may include:

  • Individually planned tours ranging from half-day to several days for groups of up to 200 people
  • Organization of access to private collections and construction sites and transport
  • selection and booking of restaurants & further recommendations for your stay in Berlin

To learn more, contact us or Download a pdf with references

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In addition to our own exhibitions and research projects we support and advise agencies, institutions, universities, publishing houses and even private collectors. Past projects include articles in art and architecture guides, lectures and the conception of talks, VIP-activities for fairs and festivals, tour concepts for hotels and brands, artists’ bars and events.

Some of our expertise projects:
  • Designguide

    Design Guide Berlin - texts on art and architecture

  • Berlin of Women

    Berlin for Women Guide - text on architecture

  • Mythos Berlin

    Text »Berlin. City of Free Space«

  • Art Week Berlin

    VIP-tours as »Art Week Partner«

  • Bard College Berlin

    Talk »Entrepreneurship«

  • Zeit Online

    Berlin Culture Blog "Filter"

  • Allierten Museum Berlin

    Talk »Field Station Berlin, Teufelsberg«

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& Press

„Madame-Redakteur Rüdiger von Naso und die Fotografin Silke Weinsheimer folgten Niche an Orte, an denen jungen Künstlern eine erste Chance gegeben wird, und zu einer Architektur, die man erst einmal entdecken muss. Und waren hingerissen von Charme, Intelligenz und (Insider-)Wissen der drei, die perfekt moderierten, auf jede Frage eine Antwort wussten und anregende Begegnungen ermöglichten. Spielerisch und mit Humor“
Madame (Juli 2010) "Lieber ein bißchen intimer"

niche art and architecture tours featured in madame magazine

„If you want to explore galleries like Cruise&Callas, Streetart in Kreuzberg, the Haubrok Collection on Strausberger Platz or the Arno Brandelhuber house, Niche's tours are tailored to fit your knowledge, schedule and special requests “
BMW Magazin (April 2012)

niche art and architecture tours featured in BMW magazine

„If you want to find your way around Berlin's ever growing landscape of off-spaces, alternative locations and architectural pecularities, Niche Art & Architecture Tours is for you.“
Sleek (Winter 2010/2011) "Berlin People"

niche art and architecture tours featured in sleek magazine

„Die Drei-Frauen-Firma Niche bietet Rundgänge durch Berliner Galerien an. Sogar auf Italienisch“
ZEITMagazin (Januar 2010) "Heiter bis Glücklich“

niche art and architecture tours featured in zeit magazine

„Stefanie Gerke, Nele Heinevetter and Katharina Beckmann had a winning idea when they started their art and architecture tours of Berlin.“
Lufthansa Magazin (Oktober 2010)

niche art and architecture tours featured in lufthansa magazine

„Die Berliner Kunstszene jenseits des Mainstreams steckt voller ungeborgener Schätze. Sie zu entdecken und die Begeisterung dafür zu teilen, darum geht es bei Niche.“
Zitty (Dezember 2009) "Pulsmesser"

niche art and architecture tours featured in zitty magazine

„Les trois jeunes Berlinoises de Niche proposent un tour à la découverte des endroits où sont exposés de jeunes artistes - encore - méconnus.“
Le Figaro Magazin (Mai 2011) "Berlin, arts majeurs"

„We just wanted to thank you for taking us on the tour yesterday, we both really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the DDR styles and architectural details thanks to your research and information.“
K. Sanderson



Making Spaces

MAKING SPACES concerns itself with the work of thought-provoking spatial practitioners (architects, urbanists, sociologists, curators, critics, etc.) and their respective approaches to our urban landscape. By bringing together protagonists and examining their practices, MAKING SPACES provides a framework to present and develop ideas through workshops, talks, interventions and exhibitions. Its online platform MAKING SPACES wants to further improve practitioners’ visibility and create lasting networks. MAKING SPACES was initiated by interdisciplinary cultural agency niche together with art historian Christina Landbrecht, architect Rosario Talevi and PETUNIA editor Valérie Chartrain together with the founders of niche.

NICHE Projectspace


Hinter den Vögeln

From 2014 to 2016 niche was based within the vast St. Elisabeth II cemetery in Wedding. A former flower shop was used for exhibitions (including presentations by Gregor Hildebrandt/Alicja Kwade, Ekaterina Burlyga, Dirk Bell and Jean-Pascal Flavien), talks with women in spatial practices and art workshops with children from the Soldiner Strasse neighbourhood.

Kinder machen Kunst

With the kind support of the local neighborhood management office, we set up a series of art workshops geared towards children in the adjacent refugee accommodation. Each weekend, an artist working in the area (amongst others Saâdane Afif, Alexej Tchernyi, Gregor Hildebrandt) would teach them new artistic techniques.

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